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Terminal Operation System

Sule Terminal which is only one public port under the management of Myanma Port Authority and in Terminal operation system, it is designed to manage automatically for its operation system such as cargo handling for incoming and outgoing vessels, yard planning and vessel planning for the cargoes carried by the system, generating of necessary passes which are needed for port operation by using computerized system. The system is designed to manage the following basic information as mentioned below:

  • Information of export and import cargo
  • Dynamic and static information of Main ship
  • Container information(Static and dynamic attribute information of cargo)
  • Billing information

Moreover it is designed in order to conduct information management intended to support the following works relevant to containers.

  • Yard Planning
  • Yard Operation
  • Gate Operation
  • Vessel Planning

Also the system is designed in order to support the following works relevant to General Cargo.

  • Cargo registration
  • Location management
  • Status management
  • Carry-out management