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Port Clearance Procedures System

Procedures such as application from applicants to MPA and other ministries in the case of the port entrance and departure of the vessels, and procedures of reply/ approval by MPA and other ministries. Port clearance procedures will be performed in conformity to the following FAL Forms provided by IMO. [ FAL Forms ]

  • IMO General Declaration (FAL form 1)
  • Cargo Declaration (FAL form 2)
  • Ship’s Stores Declaration (FAL form 3)
  • Crew’s Effects Declaration (FAL form 4)
  • Crew List (FAL form 5)
  • Passenger List (FAL form 6)
  • Dangerous Goods (FAL form 7)

System is designed to calculate the estimated Port DA just by flicking of a button to work out the estimated cost and in calculating costs, there are two steps to be deployed: as First Estimate and Final Estimate. First estimation will be calculated by the system once the vessel submits her pre-arrival application based on the FAL forms and historical results and the final estimate amount will be automatically calculated via FAL information, tariff rates entered in master data as well as actual results relating to the real performance fed in by the respective during the operation.

In order to apply for necessary inspections and confirmation which are needed to be done and given by other government agencies such as Customs Department, Department of Marine Administration (DMA), Immigration Department, and Port Health Office also can be done through the system. All of the relevant organization can check the relevant FAL Forms and other documents which are submitted by shipping agent and for the outgoing vessels, certificate for port clearance will be automatically generated by the system after necessary inspection done by respective officer and that approved certificate can be sent to responsible person through system.

The system enable the management of cargo information including collection and management of cargo manifest, definite information of import cargoes, collection and management of stowage information of in-board cargo, and applications/permits for in-board cargo carry-out permission , issue and management of Delivery Order (D/O). For the anticipation of the realization of National Single Window, Port EDI system can acquire generated manifest information as one of the MACCS users.