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Invoice Issuing System

The system is designed to manage for the charges by MPA (Marine Department, Traffic Department, Shipping Agent Department, and the other departments) including the charges by organizations other than MPA such as terminal operator, shipping agent, etc. which are also collected by MPA instead, it should be able to issue invoices by department of the charging side and by unit of the charged side. Auditing can be done by Accounts Department according to accounting procedures through the system once relevant departments input the actual results and track records. Then the following three types of account will be issued together with attached tables of actual usage record. Invoices shall be issued separately to the billing company (shipping company, charterer, consignee, etc.).

  • Combined Bill(including Abstract Statement of Port Dues and Other Charges, and Night     Fee)
  • Disbursement Account (Each time of call)
  • General Account (monthly)