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Statistics Management System

The system is designed to generate regular report/ analytical reports annually, monthly and timely based on users’ requirements after compiling the data from FAL forms of the vessels submitted to the system, data from Port Clearance, Berth allocation, Invoice issuing, Terminal Operation system and the actual results inputted from relevant stakeholders. Moreover, the statistics management system can provide the key performance indicator (KPI) of terminals which can help Myanma Port Authority to set the policy based on the results in order to improve cargo productivity of each terminal and enhance their port performance. Every terminals have to input the daily discharging/loading information by not later than 9:00am every morning and the status of cargo information such as shifting, moving and delivering by not later than 04:00 pm as daily basis. Those information will be converted as logistic information and the consignee/shipper can be check their cargo status by just inputting container number and BL number through the system.

The system is design to manage the aggregated port statistics as mentioned below:

  • The master table should cover different levels of classification (large classification, middle classification, small classification, etc.).
  •  General information for vessels (including ports of call record information)
  • General information for cargo (including general cargo and container) Information about port facilities, equipment, and services ((including performance records for pilotage, cargo handling, etc.)
  • Information of accounting record (Access to these information is limited.)
  • Port performance indicators based on daily operation.
  • Import and Export commodity (group wise, Regional wise, terminal/berth wise, etc.)