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Berth Allocation System

The system is designed in order to enable the management of information regarding the status of vessels’ arrival/departure and progress of procedures. When the deposit for a vessel of specific voyage is sufficient to cover the estimated Port DA amount which is automatically calculated by the system, making necessary berthing arrangements and she can be put forward for berthing meeting. The system is enable the preparation of materials for that berthing meeting to determine the allocation of berths (hereinafter referred to as Berth Conference Materials) for arriving vessels. The Berthing meeting will include the following information:

  • Vessels in Wharves
  • Vessels in Stream
  • Expected Vessels (a separate table with such categories as General Cargo Vessels, Container Vessels, Oil Vessels)
  • Tidal Information

The system is designed in order to refer to the necessary information when conducting allocation as follows:

  • Berth allocation (including the basic information of berth)
  • Pilot assignment (including the pilot rank information, etc.)

   ( Even pilot can check the input of actual data what they have inputted to the system)

(e) Upon receiving a Movement Application, a Movement Order including the following information will be drawn up based on the berth allocation result and pilot information, and be notified to the concerned parties.

  • Movement Orders by vessel and by pilot

At the berthing meeting, allocation of the vessels can be observed in real mode and plan mode. Daily Operation Status (dynamic information) is needed to input into the system by all of the terminals not later than 9:00 am in the morning as daily basis. Those information, Daily Loading/Discharging (Actual Results) can be checked at the berthing meeting and proper management can be made based on vessels’ performances.