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ဆိပ်ခံတံတားအလျား ၁၇၈ မီတာ x  ၁၃ မီတာ
ဆိပ်ခံတံတားရှေ့ရေအနက် ၇ မီတာ
တင်ချသည့်ကုန်ပစ္စည်း Onshore and Offshore Supply
နောက်ခံဧရိယာ ၆၀.၂၂၇ ဧက
ဆိုက်ကပ်နိုင်သည့် ရေယာဉ် အရွယ်အစား GRT 4,000 Tons, LOA 81 MM, Draft 5 M.

A joint venture agreement was signed between the Myanmar Port Authority and the Company on a BOT system on 23-11-2010 and Yuzana Port is a 113.4-meter-long jetty used by palm oil tankers.


Port is commenced a 5-year contract to manage and operate TMT Ports in Yangon, Myanmar. Port has put in place a small management team comprising of a Terminal Manager, Operations Manager and Engineering Manager. The Port team will focus on developing processes and procedures, bringing cargo handling operations up to international standards, improving the  availability of equipment and increasing container through puts in a safe and efficient manner.

Port will also be instrumental in developing the TMT Port’s safety management strategies and policies. Training programmers are also being developed by Port to assist this strategy and improve the capabilites of equipment drivers and other personal.

Working together with our local partner KT Services and Logistics Co.Ltd. Port to turn around this terminal and grow it in a sustainable manner that will greatly assist the fast-growing Myanmar economy.

Onsite Equipment
  • Container Quay Crane – 2 Units
  • Portal Crane – 1 Units
  • RTGs – 3 Units
  • Reach Stacker – 2 Units
  • Empty Handler – 1 Units
  • Terminal Tractors – 14 Units
  • Forklifts – 3 Units


Sule Pagoda Wharves (SPW), which is the premier port and still existing as only one public service port under MPA management. Even for SPW, 4 berths out of 7 have been working together with private company so called Sein Kaung Yadanar by means of JV.

MPA started to transfer the construction and operation of terminals to the private sector in late ‘90s in line with the government policy aimed to promote privatization of state enterprises. In Myanmar, privatization of public services is approved by the Privatization Commission established in 1995 on a project basis. Privatization effort has been targeted to the enterprises suffering from underutilization, lack of technological modernization, uneconomical use of inputs, or small size.1 In Myanmar, there is no law specifically established to regulate PPP. Several companies are currently developing and operating port terminals along the Yangon River. Port privatization scheme differs depending on the terminal as described below. MPA intends to continue the development of the port area through BOT. In August 2012, MPA had a tender briefing meeting for several projects including urban development of Botahtaung Jetty and upgrading of Sule Pagoda Terminal No. 1, 2, 3, 4. For the latter project, MPA envisages JV composed of MPA and private companies.

Location Ahlone Township
Total Quay Length and Width 509 ft x 59 ft
Accommodative size of vessel 10000 DWT
Water Depth (Apron) 8 meters
Investment Scheme 25 yrs
Start Date of Construction 6-5-2000
Completion Date 4-1-2003


According to the Foreign Investment Law -1998, Myanmar Citizens Investment Law-1988 and Myanmar Companies Act 1914 under 100% Foreign Investment by BOT basic and/or Joint Venture subject to the approval of the Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC), and in support of country’s economic objectives, Myanmar Annawa Swan:A:Shin Group(S) Co.,Ltd, keeping in live with Myanmar’s Modernization progress, has succeeded in constructing Myanmar Industrial Port on 17.36 acres of land, with the permission of the Myanmar Investment Commission. Myanmar Industrial Port is 100% investment under B.O.T (Build, Operate & Transfer) for 25 years by local investor and is totally the private sector. The investment is Kyats 15,745,485 million. With the objective of opreating the Container Terminal and Inland Container Depot, Myanmar Industrial Port was incorporated on 4th January 2003. This port was constructed solely by Myanmar engineers in the shortest time, with International standard to provide berthing facilities for two 12000 dead weight tonnage sea-going vessels.

Quay Length 250 m x 68 m Date of Commission
Apron Width 9 m 22.5.2019
Type of Terminal General Cargo and Container
Back up Area(acre) 54.410 acres
Accommodative Size of vessel 20,000 DWT Handover Date
Storage of Container 600,000 TEU
Investment scheme BOT

Ahlone International Port Terminal is situated to downtown of Yangon city, on the east bank of Yangon River. Modernized and dedicated facilities designated to handle container and general cargo with a new first class wharf facility supported  by a total terminal operation area of 190,000 sq,m.

The Asia World Port Terminal (AWPT) is developed, managed and operated by Asia World Port Management Co.Ltd a subsidiary company of Asia World Co.,Ltd which is a well-diversified conflomerate by Myanmar Citizens.

The development of AWPT has been carried out in phases. The construction of the first wharf was commenced in April 1996 and the wharf became operational in December 1997. The construction of the second wharf, equipped with container handling facilities, was started in November 1998. The second wharf was opened for conventional cargo handling operation in March 2000 and it became fully operational for container handling in May 2001. The physical construction of a third wharf took place in August 2002 and the facilities were officially opened for opeation in November 2005. The investment for the development projects were permitted by the Myanmar Investment Commission in line with the stipulations of the Myanmar Citizens Investment Law, 1994.

The AWPT offers a wide variety of facilities to cater to virtually all cargo handling modes, including breakbulk, container, dry and liquid bulk operations.

AWPT also provides other ancillary services such as Stevedores, Cargo Handling Equipment, Fresh Water, Security (In compliance with the ISPS Code), Forwarding and Transportation, Standby generators for power supply.


No.1 Wharf Length 198 meters: Apron width 30.5 meters
No.2 Wharf Length 156 meters: Apron width 19.5 meters
Island type wharf with 3 trestles (Length 23 meters: width 7.6 meters)
No.3 Wharf Length 260 meters: Apron width 55.5 meters
No.4 Wharf Length 238 meters: Apron width 55.5 meters (Under expension project)
Location Ahlone Township
Total Land Area 30.436 acres
Groupage shed 28,800 square feet


Development of Hteedan Wharves took place in October 2010 by Shwe Nar Wah Company Limited. Shwe Nar Wah Company Limited entrusted AWPM with the management and operations of Hteedan Wharves. Both Asia World Port Management and Shwe Nar Wah Company Limited are subsidiary companies of Asia World Co.,Ltd. The project was developed on BOT basis as permitted by the Myanmar Investment Commission, under the Myanmar Citizens Investment Law.

The project development was divided into two phases.

The first phase development include the construction of the Bulk Oil Terminal with associated facilities and No.1 Hteedan Wharf with container handling facilities. The construction of No.2 Hteedan Wharf with bulk and multi-purpose facilities was carried out as the second phase development project.

Myanmar Naing Group Co., Ltd, Kyeemyindaing Township, Yangon Region, have signed an agreement with Myanma Port Authority to build a terminal on the banks of the Hlaing River under the BOT system on  3-2-2007 and now Myanmar Naing Group Co., Ltd is importing palm oil from abroad.