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Location Thilawa Outer Harbour Area
Total Quay Length and Width 210 ft x 249.5 ft
Accommodative size of vessel 25,000 DWT
Water Depth (Apron) 9 meters
Starting Date 21-4-2023
ဆိပ်ခံတံတားအလျား ၂၀၀ မီတာ x ၁၇.၅ မီတာ
ဆိပ်ခံတံတားရှေ့ရေအနက် ၉ မီတာ
တင်ချသည့်ကုန်ပစ္စည်း အထွေထွေကုန်စည်
နောက်ခံဧရိယာ ၁၉.၇၆ ဧက
ဆိုက်ကပ်နိုင်သည့် ရေယာဉ် အရွယ်အစား ၂၀,၀၀၀ DWT
သိုလှောင်နိုင်မှုပမာဏ Warehouse ၃၀,၀၀၀ မက်ထရစ်တန်၊ Silos ၆၀,၀၀၀ မက်ထရစ်တန်
ငှားရမ်းမှုပုံစံ မြန်မာစီးပွားရေးကော်ပိုရေးရှင်းမှ မြေပိုင်ဆိုင်ပြီး Myanmar Kong Hua သို့ လုပ်ကိုင်ခွင့်ပြုထား ပါသည်။
အကျိုးအမြတ်ခွဲဝေမှု/ငှားရမ်းခ စုစုပေါင်းဝင်ငွေ၏ ၅%
ကုမ္ပဏီအမည် Myanmar Kong Hua Co.,Ltd.

Yangon Port An agreement was signed between Myanmar Port Authority and Padauk Shwe Wah Company Limited on Plot No. 33 in Thilawa Port Area on 9-10-2013 to build a port business under BOT system and the port operations are underway.

International Bulk Terminal Thilawa which was implemented by Capital Diamond Star Group, Kamigumi Co., Ltd and Lluvia Co., Ltd. at Plot No. 30 and 31, Thilawa Port Area, Yangon Region. By the permit granted by Myanmar Investment Commission, Myanma Port Authority and Diamond Star Co., Ltd have been signed BOT Contract and Land Lease Agreement on 13.5.2015 for the Development of a Modern Multi-Purpose International Terminal with an aim to develop Agricultural and Grain terminal specialised bulk cargo handling. IBTT Project includes not only the construction and operation of port terminal but also logistics business related to the operation of a dedicated terminal mainly for the handling of grain as well as silos and warehouse. Port development projects have been implemented especially in Multi-purpose terminal and Container terminal but there is on specified Bulk Cargo Terminal in Myanmar. That is why, International Bulk Terminal Thilawa is one of the first Bulk Terminals in Myanmar. It will lessen transport and logistics cost and improve the competitiveness of Myanmar’s supply chains by making it cheaper and more efficient to transport goods.

The Myanmar Ports Authority has received an ODA loan of 23,480 million yen (US $ 208.93 million) from the Government of Japan and Including other expenses, a total of US $ 222 million for the Thilawa area; Construction of two modern multi-purpose container port bridges in Block 25 and 26 and 165,700 square meters / 41 acres of backyard infrastructure in Block 25; Thilawa Multipurpose International Terminal (TMIT) Co., Ltd., a Japan-Myanmar joint venture. However, 38 years of port operation license has been leased from 20-5-2019.

On 25th March, 2018, Wilmar Myanmar Port Terminal was opened at Thilawa area and which is operated by Wilmar Myanmar Port Terminals (Thilawa) Limited under the BOT system of Myanma Port Terminals (MPA) with 50 years in initial.This is the 3rd general commodity jetty and construction was started in February, 2016 and it is completed at the end of November, 2017.

Information of Wilmar’s Jetty

  • Jetty length : 235 meters
  • Jetty Breadth : 25 meters
  • Access trestle length : 103.65 meters
  • Trestle width : 10.5 meters
  • Minimum depth of water along the jetty :13.0 meters
  • Bollard spacing : 13.0 meters
  • Maximum bollard pull : 150 MT
  • Uniformly distributed load on jetty : 30kN/sq-m
  • Uniformly distributed load on trestle : 21 kN/sq-m
  • Services available : Direct delivery, over side delivery and dumping delivery of cargoes
  • Stevedores : jetty able to provide stevedore service by it own stevedores
  • Crane :Nil (can be arranged shore crane)
  • Hoppers and Grabs : Nil (can be arrange rental)
  • Designed cargo : all general cargoes, bulk cargoes and edible oil cargo

Detail information of existing wharf as following:

  1. Jetty over all length : 232.0 meters
  2. Jetty breadth : 25.0 meters
  3. Access trestle length : 103.65 meters
  4. Trestle width : 15.5 meters
  5. Depth of water at the berth at zero tide : 10.00 meters
  6. Bollard spacing : 13.0 meters
  7. Maximum bollard pull : 150 MT
  8. Maximum designed DWT : 64000
  9. Maximum designed displacement : 49000
  10. Uniformly distributed loads on Platform : 30kN/sq-m
  11. Uniform distributed load on access mole and trestle : 21.5kN/sq-m

An agreement was signed on 28-8-2014 between Myanma Port Authority and Denko Petrochemical Management Co., Ltd to build a port business under BOT system on Thilawa Area plot No-17, 18 (b) and, at present, the terminal operate port operations.

On July 26, 2015, Green Asia Terminal in Thilawa SEZ, Regency SPC Services Company Limited operates a ~ 25 acres fuel terminal and storage tank farm in Thilawa. The terminal consistes of a 175m x 20m jetty for loading and unloading of fuel, fuel tanks with a capacity of 16 million gallons, and loading bays to load tankser bowsers. Green Asia Port Terminal is of 24.7 acres in size with a 133m x 19.5m wide main port, and a 52.75m x 7.5m wide bridge. The terminal can be used for fuel loading/unloading, fuel distribution, and fuel storage.

Myanmar Port Authority and Elite Petrochemical Co., Ltd which is build on Yangon Port Thilawa Port Area Land No-15, 16 (A-B)) was signed an agreement to build a port business and the port operations agreement for a BOT system. Elite Petrochemical Co., Ltd is an IMO certified Port for provide LPG and petroleum product loading and unloading services from the LPG tanker/barge to the storage tanks.

Main Jetty Capacity of Vessel
Length – 204 M 20,000 DWT & Draft of 9 M
Breadth – 20 M
Fire artillery
Approach Bridge 2 Sets
Length – 121.067 M Oil Fence
Breadth – 9 M 820 M


a leader in the LPG and Oil industry in Myanmar and endeavors to achieve a supply network covering all regions of Myanmar.

Regularly importing total 4,000 tons of LPG per month. Planning to distribute to 2 million households throughout the whole nation by 2025.



MCV Terminal Limited is based in Hong Kong. CNTIC Vpower International Terminal (Yangon) Limited has a 57% stake in Myanmar Business Consultant Group Limited and a 43% stake in Myanmar. With the permission of the Myanmar Investment Commission, CNTIC Vpower YG2 Limited is located in Thilawa Port Area. Plot No. (14) to build 350 MW LNG power plant to supply and supply LNG required for power generation and sales. The Dolphin Type Jetty is being built on the waterfront area of ​​Thilawa Plot 13 and 14, which is managed by the Myanmar Ports Authority. FSU Berthing; Regasification for LNG Power Plant is underway.