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Ports in Myanmar

A total length of Myanmar coast is 2228 km (1,260 nautical miles), along the Rakhine coast is 713 km, along the delta area is 437 km and the coast of Tanintharyi is 1078 km long. Of the nine ports along the coast, Yangon port is a major international port, handling more than 90 % of the country’s normal exports and imports. In terms of number of wharfs, there are 28 berths in Yangon Inner Harbour with the total quay length of 4,640 m. In Thilawa Outer Harbour, there has been 20 berths with total quay length of 3,801 m.

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The Myanmar Terminal

Port is commenced a 5-year contract to manage and operate TMT Ports in Yangon, Myanmar. Port has put in place a small management team comprising of a Terminal Manager, Operations Manager and Engineering Manager. The Port team will focus on developing processes and procedures, bringing cargo handling operations up to international standards, improving the  availability of equipment and increasing container through puts in a safe and efficient manner.

Port will also be instrumental in developing the TMT Port’s safety management strategies and policies. Training programmers are also being developed by Port to assist this strategy and improve the capabilites of equipment drivers and other personal.

Working together with our local partner KT Services and Logistics Co.Ltd. Port to turn around this terminal and grow it in a sustainable manner that will greatly assist the fast-growing Myanmar economy.

Onsite Equipment
  • Container Quay Crane – 2 Units
  • Portal Crane – 1 Units
  • RTGs – 3 Units
  • Reach Stacker – 2 Units
  • Empty Handler – 1 Units
  • Terminal Tractors – 14 Units
  • Forklifts – 3 Units