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Ports in Myanmar

A total length of Myanmar coast is 2228 km (1,260 nautical miles), along the Rakhine coast is 713 km, along the delta area is 437 km and the coast of Tanintharyi is 1078 km long. Of the nine ports along the coast, Yangon port is a major international port, handling more than 90 % of the country’s normal exports and imports. In terms of number of wharfs, there are 28 berths in Yangon Inner Harbour with the total quay length of 4,640 m. In Thilawa Outer Harbour, there has been 20 berths with total quay length of 3,801 m.

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MCV LNG Terminal

MCV Terminal Limited is based in Hong Kong. CNTIC Vpower International Terminal (Yangon) Limited has a 57% stake in Myanmar Business Consultant Group Limited and a 43% stake in Myanmar. With the permission of the Myanmar Investment Commission, CNTIC Vpower YG2 Limited is located in Thilawa Port Area. Plot No. (14) to build 350 MW LNG power plant to supply and supply LNG required for power generation and sales. The Dolphin Type Jetty is being built on the waterfront area of ​​Thilawa Plot 13 and 14, which is managed by the Myanmar Ports Authority. FSU Berthing; Regasification for LNG Power Plant is underway.