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Ports in Myanmar

A total length of Myanmar coast is 2228 km (1,260 nautical miles), along the Rakhine coast is 713 km, along the delta area is 437 km and the coast of Tanintharyi is 1078 km long. Of the nine ports along the coast, Yangon port is a major international port, handling more than 90 % of the country’s normal exports and imports. In terms of number of wharfs, there are 28 berths in Yangon Inner Harbour with the total quay length of 4,640 m. In Thilawa Outer Harbour, there has been 20 berths with total quay length of 3,801 m.

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Kalagauk Deep Sea Port Project

The Government of Myanmar has been intending to implement the Kalagauk region as a deep-sea port for the past two decades. The Kalagauk region located in Mon State between Mawlamyaing city and Yay city is a promising area for deep-sea ports according to preliminary studies.

Kalagauk located in Mon State is in a very good geographical location for the deep-sea port connecting the East-West Corridor between the GMS and ASEAN and the South-North Corridor between China and ASEAN. In addition, it is rich in natural resources such as agriculture, forests, mining and fishery products.

Easy access to the sea route across the Indian Ocean to the western front of Myanmar and to promote the economic development of Mon State as well as the region of Kalagauk and the country. It can create job opportunities for local people and to improve their livelihoods as well and to sustain the development of the country’s economy.

Myanma Port Authority (MPA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Emerald Grand Hotel Co., Ltd. based in Thailand on 9th August 2013 to conduct the first feasibility study for the implementation of the Kalagauk Deep Sea Port. However, The Emerald Grand Hotel Co., Ltd has terminated the MoU due to the inability to conduct feasibility studies within the stipulated time.

Then, Thailand-based Centennial Energy (Thailand) Co., Ltd submitted a MoU to sign between Myanmar Port Authority and Centennial Energy Co., Ltd. and the MOU was signed on 24-7-2015 to conduct a feasibility study for the implementation of Kalagouk Deep Sea Port. However, under the terms of the MoU, Centennial Energy (Thailand) Co., Ltd has terminated the MoU due to its failure to pay the Performance Bank Guarantee of USD 100,000. Myanma Port Authority is working to implement the Kalagot Deep Sea Port.


Layout plan of Kalagauk deep sea port project

Map of Kalagauk deep sea port project