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Ports in Myanmar

A total length of Myanmar coast is 2228 km (1,260 nautical miles), along the Rakhine coast is 713 km, along the delta area is 437 km and the coast of Tanintharyi is 1078 km long. Of the nine ports along the coast, Yangon port is a major international port, handling more than 90 % of the country’s normal exports and imports. In terms of number of wharfs, there are 28 berths in Yangon Inner Harbour with the total quay length of 4,640 m. In Thilawa Outer Harbour, there has been 20 berths with total quay length of 3,801 m.

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Ayeyarwady Region Western Port Deep Sea Port Project (Nga Yoke Kaung Bay)

Nga Yoke Kaung region, about 100 miles southwest of Pathein city, was discovered as a potential site for a deep-sea port during the search for potential deep-sea ports on the west coast of Myanmar, especially below the coast of Rakhine State. It is also a good area to handle Myanmar’s maritime imports and build an industrial estate, according to exploration firms. The Nga Yoke Kaung Deep Sea Port Development Project is to be implemented to facilitate regional and international maritime.

In addition, if deep-sea ports and industrial zones could be created, it will create job opportunities for local people and improve their living standards and then the sustainable development of the country’s economy. Therefore, the construction of a deep-sea port in Nga Yoke Bay and related facilities in Ayeyarwady Region could be a gateway to the west coast of the country.

Therefore, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between Myanmar Port Authority and Singapore-based Super Axis Development Pte., Ltd/ Sliver Wave Development Pte., Ltd on 5 August 2013 to conduct a feasibility study for the implementation of a deep-sea port in Nga Yoke Kaung Bay, Ayeyarwady region. The period of MoU is 12 months after the signing and Super Axis Development Pte., Ltd / Sliver Wave Development Pte., Ltd must submit a feasibility study report to the Myanmar Ports Authority during the MoU period, according to the MoU’s rule, but the company has terminated the MoU because it could not conduct a feasibility study.

At present, according to the proposal to implement as Supply Base from two Myanmar companies named Myint & Associate Company and SIM Company, the Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) has already been approved and the Feasibility Study has finished.