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Ports in Myanmar

A total length of Myanmar coast is 2228 km (1,260 nautical miles), along the Rakhine coast is 713 km, along the delta area is 437 km and the coast of Tanintharyi is 1078 km long. Of the nine ports along the coast, Yangon port is a major international port, handling more than 90 % of the country’s normal exports and imports. In terms of number of wharfs, there are 28 berths in Yangon Inner Harbour with the total quay length of 4,640 m. In Thilawa Outer Harbour, there has been 20 berths with total quay length of 3,801 m.

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Asia World Port Terminal

The Asia World Port Terminal (AWPT) is developed, managed and operated by Asia World Port Management Co.Ltd a subsidiary company of Asia World Co.,Ltd which is a well-diversified conflomerate by Myanmar Citizens.

The development of AWPT has been carried out in phases. The construction of the first wharf was commenced in April 1996 and the wharf became operational in December 1997. The construction of the second wharf, equipped with container handling facilities, was started in November 1998. The second wharf was opened for conventional cargo handling operation in March 2000 and it became fully operational for container handling in May 2001. The physical construction of a third wharf took place in August 2002 and the facilities were officially opened for opeation in November 2005. The investment for the development projects were permitted by the Myanmar Investment Commission in line with the stipulations of the Myanmar Citizens Investment Law, 1994.

The AWPT offers a wide variety of facilities to cater to virtually all cargo handling modes, including breakbulk, container, dry and liquid bulk operations.

AWPT also provides other ancillary services such as Stevedores, Cargo Handling Equipment, Fresh Water, Security (In compliance with the ISPS Code), Forwarding and Transportation, Standby generators for power supply.


No.1 Wharf Length 198 meters: Apron width 30.5 meters
No.2 Wharf Length 156 meters: Apron width 19.5 meters
Island type wharf with 3 trestles (Length 23 meters: width 7.6 meters)
No.3 Wharf Length 260 meters: Apron width 55.5 meters
No.4 Wharf Length 238 meters: Apron width 55.5 meters (Under expension project)
Location Ahlone Township
Total Land Area 30.436 acres
Groupage shed 28,800 square feet