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Stevedore License Services

License for Stevedoring Service

Information to be included in the application

  1. The application form from the applicable port terminal (or application form to extend).
  2. Name list of workers by gang of stevedoring services (gang no./ NRC no./father’s name).
  3. Name list of truck driver (group number/registration number/father’s name).
  4. Curriculum for the Ship Loader Driver Training Course.
  5. Curriculum for Foremen and Commercial Managers (Ships).
  6. Signaling Systems Syllabus.
  7. Curriculum for occupational safety training.
  8. Copy of port business permit.
  9. A copy of the receipt proving payment of the approval fee for the seagoing vessel stevedoring business license issued by the Account Department of the Myanma Port Authority.

Regulations regarding this license

  1. Sea-going vessel’s stevedoring permit shall be used only for sea-going vessels’ loading/unloading operations. It is not allowed to operate in domestic transportation.
  2. The work must rigorously be completed in accordance with the terms and conditions listed in the paragraph as long as the licensee does not get an alternative written approval from the Myanma Port Authority.
  3. Those seagoing vessels are permitted to operate stevedoring licenses for one (1) year only.
  4. To obtain this approval, the permit holder(s) must adhere to the Myanma Port Authority’s letter dated July 25, 2013, reference no. Latha/1242/2013 (meeting minutes) and pay an annual fee of US$ 1,500 for the duration of the approval to the Myanma Port Authority.
  5. When the license’s term expires, it will be terminated immediately.
  6. This permission is nontransferable, even in the event that the permit holder(s) no longer possess the authority to manage the stevedoring of the aforementioned seagoing vessels. This license will be considered canceled if the stevedoring permit of such seagoing vessels cannot be used for the purposes specified above.
  7. Must comply with the Port Workers Act and Labor Inspection Laws issued by the Ministry of Labor.
  8. If the permit holder(s) violates any of the rules mentioned above, this permit will be forfeited to the Ministry of Transportation. The Myanma Port Authority may suspend (or cancel) at any time, and if it is necessary to do so, the licensee(s) must immediately cancel it by their own plan.
  9. If mid-water stevedore service is required, the responsible party shall be the relevant terminal at the berth.
  10. In order to ensure the safety of stevedore service and occupational safety of sea-going vessels, inspection officers from the Myanma Port Authority shall periodically inspect and follow the recommendations based on the inspection findings.
  11. Employees and workers appointed by the organization that have the right to work are injured; The Myanma Port Authority shall not (absolutely) deal with matters of compensation for disability and death.
  12. When applying for work permit extension, the application must be made one (1) month before the expiration date.
  13. A fine of 100,000 Kyats is imposed if the renewal of the cargo/cargo business license of sea-going vessels is not done in time and exceeds the deadline within 1 month (30 days). If it exceeds 1 month (30 days), two hundred thousand kyats; If it exceeds 2 months (60 days), 300,000 Kyats. Ten thousand Kyats if more than 3 months (90 days) and after 4 months (120 days) the work permit will be terminated.
  14. As for private terminal operating port services, if they operate without business permits, according to Sections 83 and 90 of the Myanma Port Authority Law, business operators and those who break the rules must be prosecuted according to the Myanma Port Authority Law.