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Permit to ply

Issuance of permit to ply within port area 

Permit to ply shall be issued with the purpose of ensuring waterway safety, and for systematic transport without restraint. Any ship shall be allowed to pass within the port area if there’s permit to ply issued by Myanmar Port Authority.

How to apply

For Gearless Carriers and Inland Vessels

Applicants who require permit to ply within port area must apply for temporary permit first.

Upon the expiry of the temporary permit after a period of one year, the permit to ply within the port area (for one year) will be issued

For Geared Carriers under 20 hp

Permit to ply within port area will be issued only after carrier license has already been registered by General Administrative Department of respective Township.


– Gearless Carriers and Inland Vessels                           –           8500 . 00 MMK

–  one-ton weighed Geared Carriers under 20 hp           –           34 . 000 MMK

Required Documents

Owner or representative

National ID Card and Housing Census (genuine/copy)  – (1) pair

Passport Photo  –  (3) photos

Vessels Photo (front, back, side(left/right))  –  (4) photos

Vessels structure (Drawing plan)  –  (1) photo

Shipyard recommendation –  (1) pair

Service license issued by Central Supervising Body of Myanmar Inshore and Inland Water Transport                               –           (1) pair