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Project for formulation of Port Master Plan

Activity Location(s) Nation Wide: all sea ports and river ports
Objectives To enhance and facilitate the economic development of Myanmar, through formulation of long-term plan for the port development
Start date of Project February 2021
Implementing Parties Department of Transport Planning, Myanmar Port Authority and JICA

About 70% of international trade comes by sea, and maritime trade is a major role in the world’s economic growth, as well as the development of of Myanmar’s economy. This project is designed to support the development of the interests of the State and all citizens.

After the signing of the Exchange of Note (E/N) between Japan and Myanmar under the Technical Assistant Program (TAP) of Japan on project for formulation of Port Master Plan, this project plan to cooperate between Department of Transport Planning and Myanmar Port Authority with the support of JICA.

The project period is during the 2021-2023 financial year and design, financial and technical assistance will be provided by JICA. The Department of Transport Planning will coordinate with the National Logistics Master Plan and National Transport Master Plan.

From this project, the Port Master Plan (2030), the Port Development Plan (2035), and the Action Plan for Port Operation and Maintenance will be formulated in line with the National Transport Master Plan (2015-2040) and National Logistics Master Plan (2018-2030) that were also developed under JICA’s Grant assistance. The two plans drew attention to formulating Port Master Plan that is still lacking. For MPA, formulating a comprehensive port master plan is crucial for the future port development, not only for Yangon area but also for its outport areas, in accordance with dramatically growing country trade.

The outcomes of the project will support the MSDP’s Pillar 2, Goal 3, Strategy 3.6 (and UN SDG 9) and National Indicator Framework (3.4.9 and 3.6.7), since the plans can be used as guidelines for the infrastructure development of the Myanmar Port Industry that supports trade and generates country economy. Additionally, retaining healthy relationships with Japanese institutions along with implementing this JICA granted project, the implementing agencies can sustain/promote partnerships for further development projects.

, new port locations, Expansion of deep-sea port and related infrastructure will attract local and foreign skills and capital, and civil servants exchange knowledge and technical experience during the project period.

Once the project for formulation of Port Master Plan has been drawn up, according to the port master plan, new ports and the development of deep-sea ports and related infrastructure will be able to invite local and international investors and Staffs from Myanma Port Authority will be able to exchange knowledge and technical experiences by cooperating in the project during the project.

The current project is initially scheduled to carry out “The Data Collection Survey on Navigation Channel and Port Possibilities in Yangon River”, but was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although data collection activities are expected to carry out from February to September and the Data Report is expected to be released in October and the Final Report in November, the project has been temporarily suspended due to the political situation in Myanmar. The findings of survey will be used in the formulation of port plan.

Currently, despite the current state of emergency in Myanmar, the Yangon Ports Master Plan according to the planning of formulation of Port Master Plan is implemented with the following three stages in consultation with Mr. Masao Kanno (JICA) and officials from various departments under Myanma Port Authority:

  1. Stage 1:        Learning and understanding of the current port sector
  2. Stage 2:        Data collection, review and preparation for Yangon Port Master Plan
  3. Stage 3:        Approval (Myanmar Port Authority, Ministry of Transport and Communications) and release
The projects to be implemented in the proposed project are as follows:
  1. Assessing the current state of the port sector
  2. Formulation of Myanmar Port Master Plan (Target year: 2030)
  3. Pre-feasibility study of Prioritized Port Development Plan (Target year: 2035)
  4. Formulation of Action Plan for Port Operation and Maintenance
  5. Public and Stakeholder Seminar on Yearly Interim Report

It is a Project for formulation of Port Master Plan and is developing a Master Plan, Development Plan and Action Plan. Reviewing, editing and amending intended for short-term (2) years, medium 5 years and long-term 10 years and it will be done by the State/ Department program or with the support of grants from partner countries.