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Establishment ,Duties and Functions of Marine Department



Function s of Marine Department

Carrying  out  the marine essential services for vessels calling to  or departure from the Port Limit.

Issuing the regulations concerned in all vessels which are using port limit area to provide move safety and monitoring them to abide by such regulations

Pilotage  Service –     There is one of the services  Providing  Pilots  to the Vessels  which  inter to or Leave from Yangon Port  to be  safety .

Aids to Navigation  service

Laying  down  light buoy , navigational buoy  and marker buoy  for the purpose of channel   Safety.

Navigation Service by Lighthouses and  light-ship along the coastal  area and  Myanmar’s  sea for the purpose of  navigation.

Mooring Service

Laying down the mooring buoys

Providing Mooring Gaing  While the vessels are Mooring in mooring buoy or unmooring from mooring buoy

Laying down the navigational lightbuoy

Diving & Salvage Service

Removing and Clearing the obstacles sinking in  water channel

Diving Service for under water inspection of vessels if call for

Salvage the navigational equipments sinking in water channel

Tug Service

Tug service by the Tug boat of MPA  for calling vessels to be safe in turning and moving

Providing Tow service  while the vessels call for emergence towing service

Following up and Guarding to the vessels which demand to guard along the channel

Launch Boat Service

carrying out  the transportation service  to the vessels which demand  transport activities

carrying out transportation  and  survey  work  for  MPA

Provide maintenance  of water way channel within port limit area

To provide sufficient depth and width of water way channel in port limit, carrying out dredging and other necessary measures in cooperate with Dredging Division of Civil  Engineering Department

Water Supply

Fresh water Supply to the Vessels by water bergs of MPA

Communication   service

Providing in time information service assigned   by   24  hours duty to interact among those vessels, shore and MPA’s ships