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Responsibilities of IR and HRD Department

(a)     Progress Coordination Division

  1. Supporting and coordinating the development and coordination with Regional and international organizations, Business organizations, Port development project and loan/ aids plans. ။
  2. Support for negotiation and implementation of agreements, business, technical and information cooperation and Bilateral and Multilateral MOU.
  3. Managing support for improved communication and accessibility of Regional and international ports and shipping in logistics sector.
  4. Coordinating and hosting ASEAN meetings and seminars.
  5. Support and nominate to local and international Human Resource Development Training For capacity building of staffs.
  6. Training and supervision to support Port Operation, Management and Sustainable Development in MPA.
  7. Policies for the continuous development of the port industry and enhancing regional competitiveness, conducting regular analysis and research on the international situation to support business and marketing strategies and tactics.

(b)     Information Technology Division

  1. Effective use of information technology as a key driver to facilitate port operations and management operations.
  2. Development of Information Management Support Software, Applications with cooperation of internal staff and others technical support organizations.
  3. Manage with related departments to build an integrated online system that can connect the whole port business as port community system. Responsible for coordinating inter-organizational services and participating in the National Single Window system for information exchange and retrieval. Report findings and estimates of data collection and perform statistical data analyzes.
  1. Carrying out the Network and System Engineer
  2. Upgrading operation and maintenance of Connected Networks and Hardware/ Software.