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Duties and Responsibilities

Civil Engineering Department is taking of works, related to the smooth operation of traffic flow such as construction and maintenance of wharves, road, retaining walls, buildings and other related civil infrastructures.

Maintenance Divison

Maintenance Division is responsible for maintenance, repair and renewal of pontoon jetties, wharves, slipways, offices, warehouse, godowans, water supply and sanitation facilities, training walls, revetments and navigation related facilities.

Construction Division

Construction Division is responsible for implementation of capital work and minor work.

Work Division

Work Division is responsible for construction of  long term and short term civil engineering projects, minor work, retaining wall and  outside party jobs.

Outport  Division

Outport Division is responsible for maintenance, repair and renewal of building, retaining walls, revetment, slipways, navigation related facilities and outside party job at the 8 outports.

Planning & Admin Division

Planning & Admin Division is responsible for collection of required data for the implementation of long term and short term projects, checking and analysising the ongoing works and estimate budget, design and drawing of the projects, recommendation and  comments of the port civil engineering point of views.

Survey Division

Survey Division is responsible for hydrographic survey, land survey work within the port limit, and location of the navigation buoy

Dredging Division

Dredging Division is responsible for management and operation work of grab dredger infront of the jetty and wharf areas and outside party dredging jobs.