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Open Tender Invitation for M.T VIET TIN LUCKY

  1. The M.T VIET TIN LUCKY, registered in Vietnam and at the present controlled by the Myanma Port Authority due to the Port Act 1908, will be auctioned through an open tender system.
  2. Ship’s Particulars are as follows:
    • IMO Number –        9147916
    • LOA                 –         09M
    • Breadth          –         2M
    • Draft               –         6.71M
    • High                –         32.4M
    • Gross Tonnage –     4573 GT
    • Net Tonnage   –       2146 NT
  1. The tender process will be taken place in accord with Paragraphs 23/24 of Directive No.(1/2017).
  2. The companies (both local and international) those are interested in are invited to inter this tender. The vessel can be checked at The Myanmar Terminal(TMT).
  3. The tender applications forms can be purchased and submitted in accordance with the following date, time, place;(Remark: International companies need to  summit an endorsement by the Myanmar embassy  in the  respective country .)
    • a) Address (to purchase): Store Department, Botataung township
    • b) Date & Time (to purchase):   – 21-9-2023 to 20-10-2023 (formal day &time)
    • c) Address (to submit) : Myanmar Port Authority (Tender Room)
    • d) Date & Time (to submit) :     – 20-10-2023     (13:00)
    • e) Date & Time (Tender opening-   – 20-10-2023    (14:00)
  4. Since the vessel will be auctioned in account with the Port Act 1908, the Myanma Port Authority has right to cancel either partially or as a whole of this tender at any time, if it is needed to do so for some applicable reasons.
  5. For detailed information, please contact the following contact points:
    • a) Marine Department  – 018246380, 018387117 (ex) 211
    • b) Store Department    –  018610230