Benefits of Port-EDI Project

Direct transmission

Port EDI includes the direct transmission of data directly to the system if the data are standardized like UN?EDIFACT known as "Guidelines for Trade DAta Interchange" (GTDI). Immediately prior to the formulation of EDIFACT, European EDI standards had undergone a process of reconstruction by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and the forms adopted by IMO FAL convention.

Cut down the possibility of human error

EDI would also cut down on the tendency for "human error". EDI eliminates this possibiliy because the receiving end is a computer that simply translates the message that has already been keyed into the system. Reduces the risk of lost data. Whether that means the data is physically unable to be located, or if only part of the data has been lost through the numerous steps require to conduct business through the use of paper.


  • Time savings and associated financial savings accrued,
  • Improved accuracy,
  • Improved trading partner relationships and client interactions and
  • Improved reconciliation of transactions exchanged.