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Trade relies on transportation, and the latter relies on port development, as more than 80% of cargoes are transported by maritime transportation. Therefore, one of the important economic reforms of Myanmar’s transport sector is to develop the ports. As the trade is booming, there has been an annual increase in the number of ships calling to Yangon Port, altogether with cargo throughput year by year.

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Port-EDI system consists of 6 system functions and its system infrastructure. The 6 system functions it provides are respectively relevant to the Port Clearance Procedures system, Bearth Allocation system, Invoice issuing system, Staatistics management system, Logistics Monitoring system and Terminal Operation system...

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Direct transmission

Port EDI includes the direct transmission of data directly to the system if the data are standardized like UN?EDIFACT known as "Guidelines for Trade DAta Interchange" (GTDI). Immediately prior to the formulation of EDIFACT, European EDI standards had undergone a process of reconstruction by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and the forms adopted by IMO FAL convention...

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Procedures such as application from applicants to MPA and other ministries in the case of the port entrance and departure of the vessels, and procedures of reply/ approval by MPA and other ministries. Port clearance procedures will be performed in conformity to the following FAL Forms provided by IMO. [ FAL Forms ]

 IMO General Declaration (FAL form 1)

 Cargo Declaration (FAL form 2)

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The system is designed to manage for the charges by MPA (Marine Department, Traffic Department, Shipping Agent Department, and the other departments) including the charges by organizations other than MPA such as terminal operator, shipping agent, etc. which are also collected by MPA instead, it should be able to issue invoices by department of the charging side and by unit of the charged side.

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The system is designed to generate regular report/ analytical reports annually, monthly and timely based on users’ requirements after compiling the data from FAL forms of the vessels submitted to the system, data from Port Clearance, Berth allocation, Invoice issuing, Terminal Operation system and the actual results inputted from relevant stakeholders.

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Sule Terminal which is only one public port under the management of Myanma Port Authority and in Terminal operation system, it is designed to manage automatically for its operation system such as cargo handling for incoming and outgoing vessels, yard planning and vessel planning for the cargoes carried by the system, generating of necessary passes which are needed for port operation by using computerized system.

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Every terminals have to input the daily discharging/loading information by not later than 9:00am every morning and the status of cargo information such as shifting, moving and delivering by not later than 04:00pm as daily basis. Those information will be converted as logistic information and the consignee/shipper can be check theirr cargo status by just inputting container number and BL number through the system.