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Duties and Function 

The main  duty  of  the  Store's Department  is to get  the main and  spare materials of limited kind within limited time and low price for Myanmar Port Authority.


The functions of the store's Department are as follows -

(1)       Planning and Administration of office works. 
(2)       Procurement of goods from domestic and foreign.
(3)       Storage and Issue  of goods.
(4)       Making Auction.


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Personnel  Department  has  performed  all  administrative  affairs  of  Myanma  Port Authority.



1.Administration Sub department
2.Personnel  Affairs Sub department and
3.Establishment Sub department



Duties  and  Functions

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•    To provide medical treatment for Port employees , their dependents , give emergency treatment for from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm and to give health Education ,health talks daily to the patients.
•    To provide drugs and medicine for employees and their dependents ,light houses,sea going vessels.
•    To provide laboratory facilities for patients and their dependents such as checking of stool urine,blood and sprutum.
•    To provide medical cover and check up for crew of sea going ships and sanitary check up of vessels.

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Internal Audit Division is responsible for Internal Audit through General Manager to Managing Director of Myanma Port Authority.

Responsibilities  of Internal Audit Division are as follows;

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Accounts Department is responsible for the entire financial affairs of Myanma Port Authority.
•       Financial Accounts of Myanma Port Authority.
•       Ship owners' Accounts.


Organization of Accounts Department

Accounts Department consists of four Divisions as follows.
•     Planning and Budget Division.
•     Ledger and Accounts Division .
•     Bills Receivable Division.
•    Agency Accounts Division.



Planning  and  Budget  Division

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            Taking measures in orders to get regular inspection, maintenance on time and necessary repairing of vessels, machineries, electrical and electronic apparatus.


Duties and Functions

Services in Mechanical Engineering Department

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Duties and Responsibilities

Civil Engineering Department is taking of works, related to the smooth operation of traffic flow such as construction and maintenance of wharves, road, retaining walls, buildings and other related civil infrastructures.


Maintenance Divison

Maintenance Division is responsible for maintenance, repair and renewal of pontoon jetties, wharves, slipways, offices, warehouse, godowans, water supply and sanitation facilities, training walls, revetments and navigation related facilities.