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Function of Marine Department is to provide the following services:

  •   Pilotage Service
  •   Tug Assistance
  •   Fresh Water Providing Service
  •   Diving Service(salvage services and divers)
  •   Fire Fighting Service


Pilotage Service

 Marine Department provides pilotage service for the safe navigation of the vessels.
 Pilotage is compulsory for navigation in the channel, and in the port area for any moves of more than 10m distance.

Tug Assistance


This department also provides the tug assistance to the vessels when require.

 Fresh Water Providing Service

 Fresh water supply service is provided if a vessel  request to the Marine Department for freshwater requirement .

 Salvage Services and Divers


 Marine department will provides salvage services and divers when a vessel requires for salvage services such as clearing the foul anchor cable, nets and rope fouling with propeller,searching for last or cut-off cable and/or anchor and emergency inspection for under water area.

Navigation Aids                          

                                                     Light Vessel               


                                                        Light house



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