Duties  And  Functions  Of  SAD

  • Acceptance of  Agency  Appointment
  • Sending and asking proforma estimated  port  Disbursement Account (D/A)  to  ship  owner / operator / charterer
  • Booking  pilot  to  entry  of  the  vessel
  • Making  Berthing   arrangement
  • Arranging  to  handle import  and export     cargoes
  • Doing ship's husbandry matter
  • Issuing Delivery  Order
  • Arranging to get Port clearance


Other  Services  Provided by SAD

  • Disposal  of  Sludge
  • Disposal  of  Gray Water
  • Disposal  of  Garbage
  • Supply  of  Fresh  Water
  • Supply of Provision
  • Supply of  Dunnage
  • Supply  of  Marine Diesel Oil
  • Ship  Repair
  • Crew  Sign  on / Sign off  and  other  matters


Procedure  for  Vessel  on Pre-Arrival

  • Taking  confirm  eta  from  master
  • Checking whether  port  D/A  received  or  not
  • Tender  notice  of  Readiness  for  loading / discharging
  • Declaration on  berthing  list 
  • Checking ship  Documents
  • Checking cargo documents of consignee/ Shipper
  • Making arrangement for berthing 


Procedure for Vessel on Arrival

  • Documents collected from ship on arrival:
  • Last port clearance
  • Copy of  bill of lading/ import cargo manifest/ stowage plan
  • Ship's particular 
  • General declaration
  • Crew list            
  • Ship’s stores declaration (engine store list/ deck store list/ provision store list/  bonded store list )
  • Cargo declaration               
  • Crew’s effects declaration (Crew personal effect and currency list )
  • Passenger list
  • Dangerous goods  manifest (if any)
  • Arms & ammunition  list
  • Maritime declaration of Health
  • Vaccination list
  • Port itinerary list (including last port of call) or  voyage  memo  



Procedure  for  Vessel on  Departure

  • Following documents are needed  for  ship departure 
  • Ship's  registers and documents
  • M/R , Export  Manifest , to  the  ship
  • Port  clearance
  • Immigration  Clearance
  • Traffic  Clearance
  • Quarantine  Clearance
  • Getting  eta  from the  master  for  the next  port  of  call/  departure  to  inform  ship's  owner/ Operator/  Charter
  • Voyage  report


Procedure for After Vessel Departure

  • Making  Final  Settlement  of  Account
  • Preparing time sheet / statement of facts
  • Issuing  Bill  of  Lading
  • Making voyage  report  and   Special  report  (if any)