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Services in Mechanical Engineering Department

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Duties and Responsibilities

Civil Engineering Department is taking of works, related to the smooth operation of traffic flow such as construction and maintenance of wharves, road, retaining walls, buildings and other related civil infrastructures.


Maintenance Divison

Maintenance Division is responsible for maintenance, repair and renewal of pontoon jetties, wharves, slipways, offices, warehouse, godowans, water supply and sanitation facilities, training walls, revetments and navigation related facilities.


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Establishment ,Duties and Functions of Marine Department



Function s of Marine Department

Carrying  out  the marine essential services for vessels calling to  or departure from the Port Limit.

Issuing the regulations concerned in all vessels which are using port limit area to provide move safety and monitoring them to abide by such regulations

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Duties  And  Functions  Of  SAD

  • Acceptance of  Agency  Appointment
  • Sending and asking proforma estimated  port  Disbursement Account (D/A)  to  ship  owner / operator / charterer
  • Booking  pilot  to  entry  of  the  vessel
  • Making  Berthing   arrangement
  • Arranging  to  handle import  and export     cargoes
  • Doing ship's husbandry matter
  • Issuing Delivery  Order
  • Arranging to get Port clearance


Other  Services  Provided by SAD

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Duties and Functions of Traffic Department

The main functions of Traffic Department are as follows: